2012-11-12 01:24:34 by LihjX

Really anxious to collaborate in a game or movie project...

In the last year I do nothing but compose for myself. Of course, that isn't bad, I learn a lots and I acquired more practice, but definetely I need to work with this.

Also, the progress of the new album is really slow [An electronic project]. But I didn't forget it, at all. It's just that I composed more IDM, Symphonic and I dedicate more time to my rock-shoegaze project [In solitaire, as "Alex Gillespie"].

Those who are interested on metal, extreme metal, rock, shoegaze and less experimental styles can find me on soundcloud: "Alex Gillespie Music".

Updating social & media sites...

2012-05-27 10:43:04 by LihjX

Putting my best effort to update all the LihjX's sites.

Bandcamp, Facebook, Newgrounds and, now, reediting the new version of the website (Now with dedicated domain!).

Greet to all..

Updating the Website...

2010-10-03 11:46:41 by LihjX

Well, I'm since yesterday at 8:30 PM to now 12:43 PM working on the new format of my website.

I'm a pretty tired, but that doesn't matter. I have much more time to sleep :)

Also, yesterday I make an Orchestal and Arranged version of Diamond Dust, but that will be uploaded another day.